Mass Street Music Pre-History: The Bagophone

When most of us think of Jim, the expert luthier who's made a career of Vintage Guitar restoration comes to mind...but way back before the days of Mass Street Music (or even Michigan Street Music) Jim was building guitars! One such Bagophone, our friendly name for them, was in the shop this past week for a little work. This particular Bagophone, owned by Gary Adams, spends most of it's days being played at Cafe Olé, in Puerto Aventurous, where it's strummed nightly onstage in the salty sea air. Even with all that abuse from the elements, it still sounds and plays great!

Next time you're in the store ask Jim about his Bagophone and you might get lucky enough to try one out!

Bagophone made by Jim BaggettBagophone made by Jim BaggettBagophone made by Jim Baggett




March 10 2016

How does one aquire a BAGOPHONE?

Matt K

March 15 2016

If we ever hear of one being for sale we’ll certainly reach out!

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