Free Workshop Sat. March 15: Open Bluegrass Jam 1PM

Bluegrass Jam 1930s We're excited to have John Dillard lead our Open Bluegrass Jam 'workshop' this Saturday, March 15 at 1PM! This will be a lot of fun for folks of all playing levels, so bring your guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, uke - whatever floats your boat. There won't be any technical instruction, we're just going to play and have a great time. This will be a standard Bluegrass circle with one person playing melody while everyone else plays backup - we'll all get the opportunity to specify a tune & also play each melody as it goes around the jam circle. If you're new to this, or would rather not lead a tune, no pressure - you can always pass and continue playing back up. Let's brush the winter cobwebs away with some great music and gear up for some porch picking this summer.



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