Repair Spotlight: Gibson Pickguard for Acoustic Pickup

luthier Matt H with new pickguard and old for Gibson acoustic

While we do a lot of standard repairs here at Mass Street Music, we also do a heck of a lot of specialty repairs for folks. This sweet custom Gibson style pickguard is one. A customer brought his Gibson SJ-200 in to luthier Matt H. wanting to install an LR Baggs M1A acoustic pickup. His original pickguard was already starting to come off, but Matt realized it was also .090 thick, and would make the pickup sit too tall and the strings would be too close. Matt created a new custom pickguard that included a special notch to accommodate the soundhole pickup.

More than just a piece of guard, this 3-ply beauty is expertly cut, finished and fitted to perfection - and means that the pickup now sits perfectly flush for optimal sound. A pickguard seems like a small thing, but it'll make a big difference to the player and keep the guitar on the right track in the coming years. Learn more about our Repair shop here.

Gibson SJ-200 with new pickguard and showing old


Gibson SJ-200 with new pickguard and LR Baggs M1A pickup


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Dan Monteleone

July 05 2015

hi..need a pick guard for my 65 Gibson lgo..

Matt K

July 06 2015

Hey Dan! I’ve passed your info on to the repair shop, and someone will be getting in touch with you soon!

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