April 2014 Staff Gear Picks

We've seen some great used guitars come in the store as well as some new models, new Leather Aces and Henry Heller straps, and some other great gear, however, we can only pick one for the cream o' the they are, our favorite guitars, amps and pedals for April:

Jim Baggett1954 Gibson ES-295 Electric Guitar
I love this guitar – it just reeks of coolness. It's got a great neck and the playability is fabulous. Having the original frets in such good condition is a wonderful thing.

1954 Gibson ES295 electric guitar


Josh Baldridge
Collings OM2H VN Custom and Collings OM2H Custom Collings Acoustic Guitars
These two Collings OM2H Models are phenomenal and I can't choose a favorite between them. The Collings Acoustic Guitars - OM2H Custom has more midrange sweetness than I expect from a rosewood guitar where as the Collings Acoustic Guitars - OM2H VN Custom is a little more rich sounding in the low end with more overtones. The Vintage Now neck is slightly beefier than the Modified V neck profile but they both feel wonderful in my hand and I honestly don't prefer one over the other.

Collings OM2H VN Guitar



Collings OM2H Custom Guitar


Eric Mardis - Tom Anderson Hollow Drop Top S Electric Guitar
This guitar is like butter.  Gorgeous looks, but the real beauty of this one lies in its playability.  The "even-taper" neck with heavy frets feels great and is perfect for fleet-fingered precision.   Very versatile pickups get you all those strat combos, plus the thick humbucker in the bridge.  Awesome!


Tom Anderson Hollow Drop Top S Amber Burst


Eric Putnam
- Xotic AC Booster Pedal
Xotic AC Booster - With all of the other great overdrives on the market it is hard to forget about the Ac Booster, but this is still one of my favorite drive pedals. The tone controls are interactive and it sounds great through every rig I have tried it with.

Xotic AC Booster Pedal


Ted Kritikos
EchoPlex EP2 Delay Pedal Unit
No echo pedal sounds as good as this box. Period.

Echoplex EP2 Delay Unit Pedal


Mike Horan
Colling D2H Custom Acoustic Guitar
I decided to play all the Collings D2Hs we have in stock right now, and lo and behold, I liked the D2H Custom with the standard Sitka top the best. (I think it's the one that sells for $3690). It had the quickest response to my pick attack and the most clarity in the bottom end, which I find elusive in an Indian Rosewood instrument. I thoroughly enjoyed playing it!

Collings D2H Custom Acoustic guitar


Susan Willits
- Fender '52 Ukulele
It's cool looking and you can it play it soft like a uke or rock out.

Fender 52 Ukulele Tele Style


Thomas Hamm
- Eastman E10P Parlor Acoustic Guitar
While constantly vacillating between guitars for my next purchase, I always come back to the Eastman E10P. Extremely comfortable with solid sound, it's the only thing missing from my porch...a beat-up rocking chair, a glass of whiskey, and this small-bodied bluesy guitar.

Eastman E10P Parlor Guitar


 Anne Tangeman - Eastman E6 OM Acoustic Guitar

I found myself hankering for an acoustic guitar a while back and I've been thinking long and hard about which is best for me – I'm convinced it's an Eastman OM guitar. I had a Washburn dread forever and though it sounded nice, I just didn't pick it up all that often and it was a bit unwieldy. The Eastman OM guitars though – the smaller depth is just right and the slightly smaller size gives nothing away tonally – it's warm and full. Gonna make you mine E6.

Eastman E6 OM acoustic guitar


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