Americana Music Academy's Kids' Summer Music Camp

Americana Music Academy's Summer Camp
Our neighbors down the street, Americana Music Academy, are bringing back their great Kids' Summer Music Camp for June 2-6 and another session August 4-8. This is a wonderful opportunity for kids to experience an interactive creative arts experience that includes everything from sing-alongs to history, storytelling, dance and more. We're proud to be a participant in the history section, which will include a short tour of Mass Street Music, a look at vintage instruments and a sneak peek behind the scenes at our Repair Shop. AMA's Peter Lague, along with the sisters from the great band Scenic Roots are the instructors and all instruments and supplies are provided. Detailed info on the program, fees and more can be found on Americana's website. For more information contact Americana Music Academy at 785-830-9640 or


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