Musician Hearing Clinic w/Free Testing, Sat., Nov. 8

Musicians Hearing Clinic with free testingWe're excited to have Gary McKnight, musician and Doctor of Audiology, lead this free Musician Hearing Clinic on Saturday, Nov. 8. Musicians and music fans are particularly at risk for hearing loss - ask Pete Townsend,, Bob Mould, Bono, Sting, Ozzy and others who all have significant hearing loss and/or tinnitus. In this free clinic we'll address hearing protection and loss issues specifically for musicians and offer free hearing testing. We feel this is an important issue, especially in a town as musically rich as Lawrence, Kansas.

To make the day a little sweeter, we'll be giving away free earplugs to the first 20 folks and a rock and roll nurse will be on hand giving hearing tests as well, as time allows, from 11 a.m. - 1p.m. See where you rate on the Rock and Roll Hearing Chart. Gary will present info about hearing loss and professional protection at 1p.m. We hope you'll take a few minutes and join us to learn more (and pick up some free earplugs!)


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