Repair Spotlight: 1927 Martin 0-42 from Jim's Bench

vitnage 1927 Martin 0-42 guitarThis beautiful, no crack, vintage 1927 Martin 0-42 guitar is fresh off Jim's bench after getting a little TLC. He's owned this guitar for many years and has just recently started prioritizing some of these special guitars for restoration. Really fine guitars with primarily playability issues are some of his favorite projects. This 0-42 guitar has some obvious play wear on the top, but no rough use or damage. He very carefully removed and reset the neck, reglued the bridge, added a new bridge saddle and dressed the original bar frets. It was clear that this was a fine sounding guitar, even with the very high action, but now being playable once again, it's prime for every day playing for the next 88 years. It is currently on hold for a customer from Houston, but if he passes, it will be up for sale.


vintage 1927 Martin 0-42 guitar full body










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Bill Puryear

April 15 2015

I was wondering if this 1927 Martin 0-42 has sold?

Mass Street Music

April 16 2015

Hi Bill, this one has sold, but it is a favorite model of our owner, Jim and he has a couple more that are not on our website. If you’re interested in learning more about them, you can email Jim directly at or just call us here at the store and ask for him: 785-843-3535 – Thanks!

Ed King

July 03 2017

Great read! What’s the maximum amount of string pressure for this model? How about for a 00-18 of the same vintage? Thanks.

Matt K

July 07 2017

Thanks Ed! Usually on guitars like both the 0-42 and 00-18 we like to use light gauge strings which are around 160 lbs of pressure. Feel free to give us a call at 785-843-3535 if you have any questions.

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