Free Restrings at FidPick

It's that time of year again. KU Students are moving back into town, with rumblings of Winfield on the horizon, which can only mean its time for another FidPick! This year we're doing something special to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Kansas State Fiddling & Picking Championships. From 1-4pm Sunday, Aug. 23rd, we'll be offering FREE restrings at the Mass Street Music booth down in South Park! Just bring by your guitar, chat us up while you wait, and in no time you'll have a fresh set of steel ready for the day. We'll be using our Martin house brand for the FREE restrings, but we'll have a plenty of other brands on hand if you would like to purchase your favorite. We only ask that you limit it to one guitar per person so we can get to as many pickers as possible.

We're so proud to have been a sponsor of FidPick over the years. Boss Jim's been telling stories all month about the 10 years he ran sound for the stages! These events are the sort of things that make Lawrence special, and we're so very glad to be apart of it.


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Natalya Lowther

August 21 2015

Is this just for guitars, or would it include mountain dulcimers?

Matt K

August 21 2015

Hey Natalya,

Due to time constraints and in order to keep the Repair Shop from having to bring ALL their gear we’re keeping this to just guitars. Thanks for asking though!

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