February 2019 - Mass Street Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeEastman Electric Guitars - SB56/N-GD P90 Gold Top
This guitar rocks! The Custom Lollar pickups sound amazing...heavy and thick when full on in the neck position, articulate and grungy with the bridge pickup cranked, and cleaning up perfectly with the volume rolled off a little.

Eastman Electric Guitars - SB56/N-GD P90 Gold Top

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Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars - 1996 C100 DLX Koa - Used
The C100 body shape that Collings worked out back in the 90s has returned as a new model in 2018. This Deluxe build from '96 features some nice appointments and Koa back and sides. Really nice, powerful, small body guitar and one of only 20 or so originally made.

CollCollings Acoustic Guitars - 1996 C100 DLX Koa - Used

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Eric PutnamBenson Amps - Preamp Pedal
One of my new favorite drive pedals. It can be used as a clean preamp to give an amp more character, or be used as a gain pedal. It sounds great as a low gain or high gain pedal. I have mostly been using mine as a light gain pedal that also adds the right amount of compression. Really great pedal!

Benson Amps - Preamp Pedal

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Matt Pelsma – Tom Anderson Electric Guitars - Raven Classic - Shorty Shell Pink - Distress Lvl 2
This Tom Anderson is one of my favorite guitars that I have ever played. The distressing feels great for such a highly modern-playing guitar. Vintage shell pink and matching headstock! What more could you want?

Tom Anderson Electric Guitars - Raven Classic - Shorty Shell Pink - Distress Lvl 2

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Brian Soden – Greer Amps - Supa Cobra Overdrive
Last weekend I had some guys over for a fun classic rock jam in my basement. The Supa Cobra was at the core of my board for the day and it sounded absolutely amazing! I enjoy running it fairly low on the gain knob for rich, fat rhythm tones and hitting the front with a Keeley Katana Mini for more grunt and volume. I can't tell you how happy I am with this unit. Get yourself one!

Greer Amps - Supa Cobra Overdrive

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Mike Horan – Collings Acoustic Guitars - Parlor 1 Mh Traditional T Series
I love the way this guitar sounds and feels. The word that comes to mind to describe the tone is "transparent." Super-responsive and easy to play, this guitar makes me want to grab a cup of coffee, slip off my shoes, and get lost for a few hours in the easy chair...

Elliott Capos - 1 3/4 Elite Push Button Guitar Capo - 16 Radius

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Matt Harmon – Fender Electric Guitars - American Professional Jazzmaster - Mystic Seafoam
I've been really into Jazzmasters lately and the features on the new American Professionals really take some of the quirkiness out of the originals. I love having the 3 way up at the top instead of the dedicated neck controls and the addition of the Mustang bridge really helps keep the saddles from moving. The posts have also been upgraded to a more stable platform.

Fender Electric Guitars - American Professional Jazzmaster - Mystic Seafoam

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Trey DurkinCollings Guitars - D1 A Traditional T Series
All of the guitars in the Collings Traditional line have been some of the best new acoustic guitars we’ve ever seen. With a more vintage inspired voice and build, these are strong candidates for being the prized vintage guitars of the future. I personally play a D1A Traditional which is an amazing guitar. It is an absolute workhorse and handles anything I throw at it. Through effortless playability and a broad dynamic spectrum, it is constantly inspiring me and pushing me to the next level. I want my playing to be worthy of such a fine instrument.

If you haven’t played a Collings Traditional yet, come by and see what you’re missing out on. 

Collings Guitars - D1 A Traditional T Series

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Susan Willits - Gibson Mandolins - 1917 F4 - Used
You can own a piece of history with this 1917 Gibson F4. It's in wonderful condition, especially for being 102 years old! Easy to play all the way up the neck, this Gibson F4 has a very full, piano like sound, with sustain that goes on and on. I love the delicate design on the Handel tuner buttons. It's an exceptional mandolin!

Gibson Mandolins - 1917 F4 - Used

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Matt Kappenman Taylor Acoustic Guitars - GS Mini-e Bass Maple
These Maple GS Mini basses have blown me away. Something about the laminated Maple back and sides make these models punchy and direct, in a way that works great for campfire jams or for a more portable acoustic bass rig. Plug it in and you've got a really great electric bass sound, that would honestly fool me when mixed in with the rest of a band. Great option from the folks at Taylor.

Taylor Acoustic Guitars - GS Mini-e Bass Maple

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