Klon Shootout - Centaur vs KTR Demo

Klon Centaur vs KTR Demo Shootout

Have you ever wanted to A/B a legendary pedal with its modern counterpart? Well do we have the demo for you. Recently we had our very own Eric P demo the classic Klon Centaur with the newer Klon KTR. Demo'd as a boost as well as an overdrive, we ran these pedals through both single-coils and humbuckers to give you a range of tonal variations. The result is one fantastic demo. Centaur versus KTR - Which pedal is right for you?


Links to the all the gear used in the demo:
Klon - Centaur Gold Overdrive - Used (Yes we have the actual pedal from the demo in-stock)

Klon - KTR Pedal

Dr. Z Amps - MAZ 18 Jr. Reverb Mk.II Head Black

Tom Anderson Electric Guitars - Icon Classic - Lacquer 3 Color Burst Distress Level 1

Gibson Electric Guitars - Custom Shop '58 Reissue R8 Les Paul - Used (this isn't the exact guitar from demo, but we do have another R8 in-stock now)

Recorded with a SM-57 directly into a TASCAM DR-40.



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