Repair Spotlight: Swimming Pool Route

Swimming Pool Route - HH Strat

The Repair Shop here at Mass Street is always up for a challenge when it comes to satisfying the requests and mods of our customers. This time around Matt H. was tasked with turning a three pickup Stratocaster into a dual humbucker configured guitar. The easiest way to accomplish this was routing out the entire pickup cavity, and creating what's known as a swimmming pool route. After carefully measuring, and marking out exactly what material will be removed from the body, Matt then setup a custom template/jig for drilling and routing out the excess material.

Check out our mini-gallery of photos of the process, along with a little bit of video showing off a bit of the Repair Shop.

Repair Spotlight: Swimming Pool Route Prep

First off the finished pickguard is used as a template for what material to remove

Repair Spotlight: Swimming Pool Route Prep

Next, Luthier Matt H. traced the finished dimensions onto painters tape to preserve the guitar's finish

Repair Spotlight: Swimming Pool Route Prep

Then the custom Mass Street jig was assembled and prepped

Repair Spotlight: Swimming Pool Route Prep

Custom Mass Street pickup routing jig is setup and ready for action


Here's a quick video showing off the Repair Shop's process in creating a Swimming Pool Route


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