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June 2015 MSM News: Jim's EuroTrip, Events & Pete Huttlinger


Mass Street Music June 2015 news

With Jim out gallivanting around Europe with Collings Guitars, a packed house at the Taylor Road Show and a metric ton of new gear here at the shop, June is shaping up to be a crazy month and we're only half way through! Check out our "Just In" page for the latest and greatest here at MSM. Better still, take a look at the latest Staff Picks for all our favorite new picks. Oh and...

Pete Huttlinger's going to be at the store July 15, 7:30pm!!! If you don't know Pete, he's a fantastic virtuoso guitarist that's played with the likes of John Denver, Leann Rimes and even won the National Finger Style Guitar Championship down at Winfield. He has an amazing story, and you're definitely not going to want to miss this one. Give us a call for tickets! Be sure and check out our events page for all the upcoming free workshops at the store as well!

While this one is technically from May, we just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out and made the Taylor Road Show such a success. It was great to catch up with customers, and hear about what makes Taylor Guitars so innovative.

Taylor Road Show at Mass Street Music

We had a packed house, and this is only half the audience! 

We alluded to Bill & Jim's Excellent European Adventure tour earlier this month, but now that Jim's back we've heard some amazing stories about the Acoustic Guitar Meeting, which just happens to take place in a Italy! Bill invited Jim along to visit a few of Collings dealers in Europe and tour the festival. Let's just say they had plenty of great dinner companions on this trip. Check out the caption below for a list of movers and shakers in the modern acoustic guitar world!
Jim and Crew at Dinner in Sarza Italy
From left to right: Jim Baggett (Mass Street Music), Peggy White (Luthier), Linda Manzer (Luthier), Andy Power (Taylor Guitars), Bill Collings (Collings Guitar), Giulia Melloni (Musician/Songwriter) Pepijn 't Hart (Eastman EU), David Kay (Taylor Guitars), Doug Chandler (Collings EU), Tina Chandler (Collings EU) (Photo by Mich Taylor, Collings EU)
One more thing, if you're not already subscribed to our Youtube page, now's the time to get on board! We're doing our best to get high quality examples of the latest gear online for you to evaluate. We know you can't always come down and see us every week, so now we're bringing the gear to you! Check out this demo of a Collings D1A by our very own Mike H!

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