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September 2016 MSM News and Walnut Valley Roundup

It's been a while since we've had a proper news post here on the ol' Mass Street blog but things have been busy! Prepping, and then decompressing, for the Walnut Valley Festival always makes September an interesting month. Even with the flood related chaos it was so wonderful to catch up with so...

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August 2016 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeTom Anderson Electric Guitars - Raven Classic Shorty - Baby Blue
As summer comes to a close my surfing dreams begging to fade...thankfully this guitar will keep them alive in true Beach Boy fashion! Another killer build from the folks down at Anderson.

 Tom Anderson Electric Guitars - Raven Classic Shorty - Baby Blue

Check out our latest Anderson Gear to hit the store!

Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars - D1 A Traditional T Series
The folks at Collings have done it again with this vintage-inspired, modern classic.

 Collings Acoustic Guitars - D1 A Traditional T Series

Our Collings inventory is always changing - check out our Collings Traditional Collection! 

Eric Mardis – Electro-Harmonix Effect Pedals - Mel 9
Plug into the Mel 9 and turn your guitar into a classic Mellotron for that vintage woodwind/brass effect.

 Electro-Harmonix Effect Pedals - Mel 9

Check out all of our Pedals & related Gear!

Eric PutnamTungsten Amps - Crema Wheat Oxblood/Blonde
The Crema Wheat is a fantastic little amp. I really like the way this amp takes pedals when set clean or on the edge of breakup. It is also great when it is turned all the way up for those classic Neil Young/Joe Walsh tweed tones. You can just roll back your volume to clean it up. It is small and lightweight as well, and makes a great small club gigging amp. I liked this amps so much that I bought one for my self! 

Tungsten Amps - Crema Wheat 

Check out our lineup of Electric Guitar Amps!

Matt Pelsma – Empress Effects - Reverb
There are a LOT of different sounding reverbs on this unit. If you're looking for something like a Strymon Big Sky, but with more tailored and specific sounds, grab this pedal. It even has a bubbly delay called "beer"! Can't beat that.

 Empress Effects - Reverb

Check out our growing collection of Reverb Pedals!

Mike Horan –  Shelley Park Guitars - 1998 Gypsy Jazz Guitar Figured Koa
Pretty loud guitar with lots of projection and surprising amount of thickness in the low end. Gorgeous wood choice with the koa back and side, not to mention the bear claw spruce. This wood combination is no longer offered so here's your chance to snag a truly unique guitar from one of our favorite modern builders.

 Shelley Park Guitars - 1998 Gypsy Jazz Guitar Figured Koa

Don't miss our upcoming Gypsy Jazz Rhythm Guitar Workshop 

Jade Roland – Leo Posch Acoustic Guitars - Deep Body OM Full Sunburst
My favorite guitar to play since I've started working at the store. Gorgeous custom building.

Leo Posch Acoustic Guitars - Deep Body OM Full Sunburst

Catch up on our growing inventory of Leo Posch Guitars!

Trey DurkinJohn Ramsey Guitars - Brazilian Dreadnought - Used
This custom build Dread is an absolute cannon, with booming lows, sparkling highs and a rich warm midrange. The term banjo-killer usually scares me as banjo player, but it is totally appropriate for this guitar. Well built and a great price for Brazilian back and sides that you don't see everyday.

John Ramsey Guitars - Brazilian Dreadnought - Used

Check out all our current Dreadnoughts! 

Susan Willits - Bart Reiter Banjos - 2002 11" Standard Used
This used Bart Reiter Standard open back banjo is a really nice instrument. Great build quality with a wonderful sound, it's in very good condition and includes a hard shell case.
Bart Reiter Banjos - 2002 11" Standard Used

Check out our collection of Open Back Banjos 

Matt KappenmanFender - Deluxe Thinline Telecaster - Candy Apple Red
I'm a sucker for a Thinline tele, being able to sit on the couch and play it without being plugged in is so satisfying  This new Fender Deluxe series is the real deal with noiseless pickups across the lineup. Check out our other Fender Deluxe Nashville and Thinline tele options!

 Fender - Deluxe Thinline Telecaster - Candy Apple Red

Check out our full lineup of Fender Electrics! 
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News Staff Gear Picks

Next Day Service on Guitar Setups

Next Turnarounds on Setups at Mass Street Music

The Repair Shop has been working hard this summer. Streamlining procedures, honing of skills, and bringing on more staff has resulted in some serious good news for you! Starting August 8th we're excited to offer Next Day Service, Monday through Thursday, on Guitar Setups and Restrings. Drop of any guitar for a restring or setup and we'll have it ready for you the very next day! 

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News Repair Spotlight

May 2016 MSM News

Mass Street Music November 2015 newsWith summer just around the corner now's the perfect time to start getting serious about your playing, or possibly venturing into new territory, or maybe contemplating a new musical partner in crime! Mass Street has you covered on all fronts in the coming months. From the return of our String Sale, to the arrival of the Collings Traditional Series along with upcoming Pedal and Recording workshops we have something for every skill level to kick start their musical summer. Throw in our Free First Guitar Lesson courtesy of the crew at The Guitar Studio and there is no end to the possibilities.

 String Sale at Mass Street Music

Don't miss the chance to stock up on your favorite strings this summer. Head on over to read all about the Summer String Sale.

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First Look: Reviews and Impressions of the Collings Traditional T Series

To say there's been a focus on Collings at the store this past month would be an understatement. It seems like every few days another Traditional model is rolling in, ready to be inspected, photographed, demoed and recorded. We thought it might be a good idea to take a selection of our photos and demos videos, along with some first thoughts from the luthiers up in the Repair Shop and really showcase this new line up of Traditional T Series guitars from Collings. 

Collings Traditional T Series D1 Torrified

Glamour shot of our D1 Traditional T-Series Torrified guitar

Every one of the first batch of Collings T-Series guitars has been pre-sold before it's even arrived at the store. We currently have eight more on order, so make sure and give us a call to get your future Collings Traditional locked down.

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Features News

April 2016 MSM News: Collings Traditional Models

Mass Street Music November 2015 newsRarely is there any breaking news in the world of guitars. Usually we're talking about something built and designed over 50-80 years ago. This afternoon however, Collings Guitars, announced a new Traditional Series of guitars inspired by not only vintage aesthetics, but also vintage building techniques. Once again Mass Street Music, and our very own Jim Baggett, have had the great privilege of getting to collaborate with Bill and his team of skilled craftsman on a new model. We couldn't be more excited to have been a part of this new Traditional Series, and to finally show off our Traditional Series prototypes.

Jim is currently down in Texas for the Dallas Guitar Festival, so we're hoping he gets a chance to swing by Austin and pick up a few more Traditionals for us...keep an on eye the website in the coming week.

Check out our very own Mike H demoing this brand new line of Collings Guitars

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March 2016 MSM News

We've got this month's news post jam packed like never before! A great look back to when Jim used to build guitars, an amazing Repair Spotlight from the guys up in the Repair Shop. Not to mention our upcoming Workshops and Clinics featuring everyone from Mass Street Staff to Jim Jeans and Don Ju...

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Taylor Promotional Weekend & Taylor Spring String Renewal

Taylor Promotional Weekend
Thursday, Apr. 28th through Monday, May 2nd Mass Street Music will be hosting a Taylor Guitars Promotional Event. We currently have a HUGE selection of standard and custom Taylor models in stock. Taylor has been on fire lately, releasing redesigns of some of their most popular lines by the talented Andy Powers. If you haven't played a modern Taylor now is your chance! Come by the store or give us a call April 28th-May 2nd for details surrounding this this one-time-only extravaganza.

To cap off the weekend we'll be having a Taylor Spring String Renewal. Friday Apr. 29th through Saturday Apr. 30th bring in any Taylor guitar and we'll restring it - FOR FREE! You buy the strings we'll provide the expert luthiers. We'll even throw in a little TLC with a fretboard cleaning and oiling for free along with a repair estimate if we see anything out of the ordinarty!

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Events News Specials

February 2016 MSM News

Mass Street Music November 2015 newsIt's been another busy month around the shop working to get new pedal lines, and plenty of killer reissues out into the world. Head on over to the Just In page for more of latest gear. Don't forward to swing by and check out our latest Staff Picks as well!

If you've been following along on twitter and facebook you know how crazy things have been in terms of media appearances for Jim! With the Antiques Roadshow, both on PBS and their podcast, Jim appraised a stunning Fender Electric XII as well as provided some background info on the recent destruction of a vintage Martin on a Hollywood film set. Also, courtesy of our friends at the Fretboard Journal we have a chance to listen in on a panel Jim put together featuring some of the greatest minds in guitar restoration. This is the sort of info you need when looking for your next vintage guitar. Give the FBJournal podcast a listen here!

Jim Baggett on the FB Journal Podcast

Boss Jim hosting an expert panel on guitar restoration!

Collings Promotional Event

We have a HUGE collection of both custom and standard Collings instruments here at the store right now, and we want to get one in your hands. Check out everything going on with our Collings Promotional Event/Vintage Guitars long weekend. If you are at all interested in vintage-inspired instrument you won't want to miss this one!

Speaking of Collings, check out this stunning Custom AT 16 that we've had in the works for years with the Austin, TX builder. Jim personally helped pick out the appointments and tone woods used in this stunning combination of form and function. Seriously, this one turned some heads around the shop!

Collings AT 16 Arch Top Guitar

 Check out this stunning Collings AT 16!

Events - Events - Events!

We have an amazing lineup of events coming up featuring everything from more Gypsy Jazz, to Clawhammer Banjos, Vintage Guitars, Free Guitar Lessons and a Pedal Layout and Design workshop. Stop by, sit back and enjoy some great info from the team here at the store - AND enter to win a $50 gift card while attending! Check out our Events page for more info!

Guitar Care and Feeding Event at Mass Street MusicThanks to everyone who came out for our Guitar Care & Maintenance class!

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January 2016 MSM News

Mass Street Music November 2015 newsWe're only a few weeks into the 2016 and it's already been a busy month here at the store. Jim's off at the National Association of Music Merchants convention this weekend checking out all the latest gear from some of our top vendors. Keep an eye on our Just In page in the coming months as we debut some gear from the likes of Martin, Taylor, JHS and more! NAMM is such a huge trade show that our friends from Analog Outfitters made the cross-country trek from Illinois to California for the event. Luckily Lawrence is on the way! Check out Matt P demoing some of the truly unique gear from Analog Outfitters. (Oh and we managed wrangle the crew into writing some Staff Picks this week as well!)

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  • Gypsy Jazz Jam - Saturday, 8/19
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