November 2016 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeDon Grosh Electric Guitars - NOS Retro - Vintage Maple Burst
Vintage look and feel on a brand new guitar, love these NOS Retros from Grosh.

 Don Grosh Electric Guitars - NOS Retro - Vintage Maple Burst

Check out our collection of boutique electric guitars!

Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars - OM2H Traditional T Series Baked
Great example of the Traditional look and sound, complete with a Torrefied spruce top.

Our Collings inventory is always changing - head on over to view the latest Collings Traditional Collection! 

Eric PutnamWaterloo by Collings - WL-S L T-Bar Sunburst
All of the Waterloo guitars that I've seen have been great, but I particularly enjoyed the WL-S. For a small guitar it is incredibly resonant, and although it sounds great fingerpicked it still holds up with a pick. Really fun and surprisingly versatile guitar!


Here are the latest Waterloo models to hit the website!

Matt Pelsma – Collings Mandolins - 2007 MF Used
This mandolin feels remarkable and has a brilliant and even tone. No wonder as it's a Collings! Very light wear will make you want to cherish this MF like the previous owner. Lots of playing left to be had in this instrument!

This used MF is a store favorite right now - Susan picked it this month as well!

Jade Rowland – Fender Amps - Pro Junior III
This month's pick comes from personal experience as I own this one. It's a small, light, 15-watt tube amp that's powerful enough to keep up with a band. It's easy for me to carry around, and it handles my pedals beautifully. It breaks up nicely too.

New, used and vintage amps aplenty - check out all of our Fender Amps!

Mike Horan – Leo Posch Acoustic Guitars - D-M
I've played a lot of Leo's dreadnoughts since he first started making them, and this just may be the best one yet. A powerhouse of a guitar, it manages to remain well-balanced in spite of its incredible output. It receives my Bluegrass Seal of Approval!


We're all big fans of local luthier Leo Posch's acoustic guitars!

Matt Harmon – Gretsch Electric Guitars - G5422T Electromatic - Orange Stain
Every time I walk by this guitar the great looking orange finish catches my eye. If you've been looking for a Gretsch style guitar but don't want to spend over $2000 the Electromatic series is the way to go.

So many great, affordable electric options from our friends at Gretsch

Trey DurkinGretsch Banjos - G9455 Dixie Special Open-Back w/ Scoop
Great Clawhammer tone, with plenty of room to dig in with the frailing scoop. The deeper rim adds resonance and volume, which will help you be heard in a jam. Great for beginners and pros alike.

One of many great open-back banjos including Bart Reiter, Ramsey and OME!

Susan Willits - Collings Mandolins - 2007 MF Used
This used 2007 Collings MF is amazing! It has a wonderfully punchy, warm sound with a growly low end that I absolutely love. Clear note distinction. There's no muddy sound here. I can't say enough about the tone of this mando! To top it off it's extremely clean and comes with a hard case. If you're looking for a top quality mandolin with killer tone this is it!


 Check out all the Mandolins we currently have in-stock 

Matt KappenmanTaylor Acoustic Guitars - 814ce DLX
This Grand Auditorium sized guitar from Taylor is super comfy to play, and the newly designed armrest adds to the playability of this limited edition deluxe model.


Check out our collection of 800 Series Taylor Guitars! 
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Staff Gear Picks

Black Friday - Mystery Sale

Give us a call, drop us a line or stop by the store to take advantage of our Black Friday Mystery Sale! Special Pricing will be available on some of our best-selling brands, including gear throughout our handpicked product line. The Mass Street Mystery Sale will run from Friday, Nov. 25 through ...

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Customer Appreciation Party - Thursday, Dec 1st

We're having a party - and you're invited! Thursday, Dec 1st we'll be staying open late to celebrate another year of Mass Street Music with food, drinks, LIVE MUSIC and door prizes. Come down to the store from 7pm-9pm to celebrate with the Mass Street Staff and fellow customers. Might even have...

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Events Specials

Holiday Sale - 10% Back Gift Card

It's backkkkk! It's time for the return of our Holiday Sale here at the store, and like last year we're letting in-store and online customers in on the fun. Every purchase of new gear in store or at totaling over $100 will earn you a Gift Card worth 10% of your purchase total. These Gift Cards are good from January 1st through August 31st of next year (2017) and are a great way to maximize your purchasing power! Now's the best time of the year to pick up that guitar you've been lusting over, or even to stock up on strings! Feel free to contact us for more details! 

What are you waiting for? Head on over to the home page and get started!
*Excludes all new consignment items from the following brands.

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Staff Spotlight: Mike & All That Gypsy Jazz

We're constantly talking about music and gear here at the store. Not only is it our profession, it's also our passion. Whether it's a discussion about hide-glue and tongue braces, neck profiles and nut widths, solid-state vs tubes, pickups and wiring, solid vs laminate, analog vs digital...if it has to do with making music it's on-topic here at the store. While the debates can get a little heated, one thing we can all agree on is an excitement for making music. It's in that spirit that we're launching a new series entitled Staff Spotlight. These videos, blog posts, photos and more will be an inside look at what new gear we're excited about, what vintage instruments inspire us, what we're listening to and most importantly what we're playing.

To kick things off we've enlisted General & Repair Manager Mike H. and his intense focus on all things Gypsy Jazz. If you've been watching our demos over the years you've seen this fervor creep into Mike's playing. (Most notably in our demo of the Collings AT-16 from earlier this year) Whether it's gigging around the region in two different Gypsy Jazz groups or blasting Django charts on the Repair Shop stereo it's safe to say this is Mike's passion. Enjoy what we hope will be the first of many Staff Spotlights.

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Features Staff Spotlight

Repair Spotlight: Andy McKee - Greenfield Harp Guitar Repair

Repair Spotlight: Andy McKee and Mike Horan

Life on the road can be rough for the touring musician, but even more so for their instruments! Friend of the store Andy McKee has been jet-setting around the world, playing his unique combination of top-tapping, fingerstyle and percussive acoustic guitar, and his gear has logged some serious miles with him. Unfortunately, the headstock on the bass side of his Greenfield HG Harp Guitar broke off while traveling back to Kansas. General/Repair Manager Mike Horan came up with a clean, elegant solution for repairing this truly unique instrument and let us tag along in this installment of the Repair Spotlight.

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Repair Spotlight

October 2016 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeNew Fender Offset Electrics
These new Mustangs and Duo Sonics are fantastic! Since they showed up in the store a few weeks back, we have had a blast playing and talking to customers about them. I love having so many fun, short-scale instrument to offer at this price.

 Fender Offset Series

We have all sorts of new gear from Fender at the store - check it out!

Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars - D2H Madagascar Traditional T Series
The years of research and development that went into these traditional models has certainly paid off. This D2H Madagascar is a great example of the traditional look and sound.

Collings D2H Traditional T Series

Our Collings inventory is always changing - head on over to view the latest Collings Traditional Collection! 

Eric PutnamStomp Under Foot - Red Menace Fuzz
If you like Big Muff style fuzzes, but feel like they do not cut through a live mix you should check Red Menace out. The mid control helps you cut through, but manages to keep the tonality of the circuit in tact.

 Red Menace

Eric's a big fan of our entire lineup of Stomp Under Foot pedals!

Matt Pelsma – Taylor Acoustic Guitars - 2012 Custom TF Sinker Redwood Used
It's simple and classic, but just alluringly different enough to make you double take at the sight of the redwood top. Also the sound is rich and has all the detail at low volumes one would want to share in close quarters. It's a steal of a price for a custom order guitar!

Taylor Acoustic Guitars - 2012 Custom TF Sinker Redwood Used

Don't miss our upcoming Taylor Sales Event!

Jade Rowland – Eastman Acoustic Guitars - E20SS
Vintage feel, look, and sound with a beautiful burst finish. Resonates in your chest and projects exactly like a dreadnought should.

Eastman E20SS at Mass Street Music

Head on over to give this one a listen for yourself!

Mike Horan – Collings Acoustic Guitars - D1 VN Sunburst
Particularly responsive for a new instrument this D1VN is tonally well balanced with a very dynamic attack. This reclaimed spruce top absolutely sings.

 D1 VN Sunburst - Reclaimed Top wood

Head on over to give this one a listen for yourself!

Matt Harmon – TC Electronic - Polytune Clip
This is a great tuner, I use it every day in the shop tuning up guitars and checking intonation on acoustic instruments. Super accurate.

Polytune Tuner

This tuner has caught fire with the staff! More than one staff members picked it, but Matt H had dibs.

Trey DurkinMartin Acoustic Guitars - 2009 Custom 000-15 s
Punchy warm low-end, without sounding dull, and a full voice for a smaller body. This would be a great guitar for old-time rhythm style playing. Look out for those bass runs!

Martin Acoustic Guitars - 2009 Custom 000-15 s

Check out all the latest gear to hit the website!

Susan Willits - Eastman Mandolins - MD505
Eastman is doing a great job of making attractive, easy to play instruments. This solid spruce/maple Eastman MD505 mandolin is no exception. I love the dark finished top and it plays great all the way up the neck. For $699 with a hard case you can't go wrong!

 Eastman MD505

 Click through to view our huge collection of Eastman gear 

Matt KappenmanGibson Electric Guitars - 1980 ES-347 Used
There's just something about an archtop. I love the way it feels, and I always seem to have something to musically say when I pick one up. This ES-347 has coil tap which makes it incredibly versatile from a tone standpoint.

Gibson Electric Guitars - 1980 ES-347 Used 

This ES-347 is one of the many great deals in our Used collection! 
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Staff Gear Picks

September 2016 MSM News and Walnut Valley Roundup

It's been a while since we've had a proper news post here on the ol' Mass Street blog but things have been busy! Prepping, and then decompressing, for the Walnut Valley Festival always makes September an interesting month. Even with the flood related chaos it was so wonderful to catch up with so...

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Martin SP Strings - Buy Two Get One FREE!

Martin String Sale at Mass Street Music

All through the month of October stop by the store for a killer deal on Martin SPs with our Buy Two get one FREE promo. Mix and Match between our Extra Lights, Custom Lights, Lights and Mediums to get all your acoustic guitars setup with a fresh set of strings.

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September 2016 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeCollings Acoustic Guitars - 2008 OM1 Mahogany Custom - Sunburst Used
Great OM from the crew down at Collings, full of classy appointment including a bound headstock and ebony tuner buttons on this all mahogany guitar.

 Collings Acoustic Guitars - 2008 OM1 Mahogany Custom - Sunburst Used

Check out our latest Used Gear to hit the store!

Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars - D1 Traditional T Series
It's amazing how consistent these Traditional models have been. Each one has turned heads from the very first strum.

 Collings Acoustic Guitars - D1 Traditional T Series

Our Collings inventory is always changing - check out our Collings Traditional Collection! 

Eric PutnamChase Bliss Audio - Tonal Recall Analog Delay
This is an awesome analog delay. It has all of the vintage warm repeats you would expect from an analog delay, but with modern features like tap tempo and presets. It is also one of the best looking pedals I have seen. If your board is full of ugly looking pedals this is a great way to get your friends to stop picking on your homely board.

Chase Bliss Audio - Tonal Recall Analog Delay 

Check out our growing collection of pedals!

Matt Pelsma – BOSS Effect Pedals - Chorus CE-2W
An awesome update to a classic. The stereo option is a great addition, and they nail the classic CE-1 and CE-2 sounds. The Depth knob is cool, but don't let that fool you; this pedal is all about WIDTH. Happy stereo spreading!

 BOSS Effect Pedals - Chorus CE-2W

Check out our growing collection of Chorus Pedals!

Mike Horan –  Gibson Mandolins - 1916 A Used
Super clean example of a no truss-rod Gibson. Plays and sounds great.

 Gibson Mandolins - 1916 A Used

Our Vintage Collection is always changing - check out the latest gear!

Matt Harmon – Waterloo by Collings - 2015 WL-14 L Used
Seriously the best sounding Waterloo I've ever heard. The neck is a slightly bigger V-shape when compared to the newer ones. Get it, you will love it.

Waterloo by Collings - 2015 WL-14 L Used

Catch up on our growing inventory of Waterloo guitars!

Trey DurkinWaterloo by Collings - WL-JK
Rich, satisfying low end, great for strumming, flat picking and finger-style alike - would make a killer blues box. Comfortable V-neck profile with an awesome Jumbo King headstock. This guitar is captivatingly quirky and sure to bring a smile to your face.

Waterloo by Collings - WL-JK

Check out all the latest gear to hit the website!

Susan Willits - Gibson - MB Mandolin Banjo Banjolin w/ Trap Door Used
Two of my favorite instruments in one! This Banjolin is too fun and keeps tempting me, especially since it hangs right outside my office. I love the trapdoor feature and the fact that it's an old instrument also adds to its allure. This banjolin looks nice, plays well, sounds great and is perfect for playing some Irish tunes!

Gibson - MB Mandolin Banjo Banjolin w/ Trap Door Used

We're always updating our list of vintage gear 

Matt KappenmanDon Grosh Electric Guitars - NOS Retro - Vintage Maple
All the classic strat tones you could want in a gorgeous Grosh package. The Medium/Large roundback neck shape fits perfectly in my hand and makes this a dream to play.

Don Grosh Electric Guitars - NOS Retro - Vintage Maple Burst 

Gross is just one of our awesome Boutique Electric brands! 
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Staff Gear Picks

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