Events & Workshops at Mass Street Music

In addition to our Free Saturday Workshops, we have some special events at our store throughout the year including open jams and clinics with special artists. All events take place at Mass Street Music at 1347 Mass. St., Lawrence, Kansas unless otherwise noted. We hope you can join us for some of these great gatherings. Have an idea for a clinic you'd like to see? Just let us know at

Free First Guitar LessonFirst Free Guitar Lesson
Saturday, August 6 - 1PM - FREE
Just get a guitar, know someone who has, or are you thinking about starting to play? Join us for our First Free Guitar Lesson, Saturday, August 6 at 1PM. We'll take you through the very basics and get your started on this lifelong obsession. Bring your guitar, or just stop by. FREE!

Ear Training Workshop
Saturday, August 20 - 1PM - FREE
Curious how certain musicians can just pickup on a melody, or the chords to a song without having heard it before? Stop by Mass Street Music for our upcoming Ear Training Workshop where we'll be discussing tips to improve your listening skills and shortcuts for figuring out chord changes.

How to Restring Your Instruments
Saturday, August 27 - 1PM - FREE
One of the frequent questions that gets asked around here is how best to restring a guitar. After thousands of setups and restrings the Repair Shop here at the store has some definite opinions, and tried and true methods no matter the instrument. Stop by for a hands on workshop discussing our favorite techniques for guitar restrings.

Gypsy Jazz Rhythm GuitarGypsy Jazz Rhythm Guitar Workshop
Saturday, Sept 3 - 1PM - FREE
Are you enthralled by the music of Django Reinhardt? Curious about what makes gypsy jazz tick? Behind the flash and flare of the solos lies the heart of the music, the rhythmic pulse of the guitars known as La Pompe, or "The Pump." Join us for a FREE workshop that intro- duces the basic fundamentals of Gypsy Jazz rhythm guitar. This music is truly fun to play, and much of it stylings are applicable to other styles of music as well.