Mass Street Music NAMM 2017 Roundup

NAMM was a whirlwind couple of days catching up with vendors, putting faces to names and scoping out all of the new gear for 2017. This year we sent managers Josh B and Matt K to track down everything from new Academy Series Taylors to Chase Bliss Pedals or new Collings Relics. Below you'll find a photo gallery of some of our favorite gear. Make sure and follow us on Instagram for more details about some of the great new/used gear to hit the store.

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Repair Spotlight: 1931 Martin OM-28 Bridge Repair

Repair Spotlight: 1931 Martin OM-28 Bridge Repair

Underneath a layer of overspray was this beautiful, original Martin 1931 OM-28 bridge, with all the contours and craftsmanship that we admire in these vintage guitars. Jim slowly cleaned out the over-cut string slots in order to fill them with new pieces of ebony to correct the breakover angle. While the shop has fabricated hundreds of replacement belly bridges over the years, and have all gotten quite good at it, we're always striving whenever possible to save the original appointments and details of vintage guitars such as this OM.

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Repair Spotlight

January 2017 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeFender Amps - Blues Junior - British Red
One of only 250 made, this British Red tube amp has all that classic American breakup with an upgraded British Celestion G12M Greenback speaker.

Fender Amps - Blues Junior - British Red

Check out our collection of electric guitar amps!

Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars - 2002 CW Brazilian Used
Really clean example of a Brazilian CW. Big, full sound.

Our Collings inventory is always changing - head on over to view the latest Collings Collection! 

Eric PutnamStrymon Effect Pedals - El Capistan
With all of the new exciting delay pedals coming out it can be easy to overlook some of the old favorites. The El Cap is just a great sounding tape voiced delay that can be as simple, or complex as you would like. One of the easiest delays to get a good sound out of, and has become my main delay pedal.

Here are the latest Effects Pedals to hit the website!

Matt Pelsma – Martin Acoustic Guitars - 2004 D-28 Marquis Used
This is a great, vintage feeling and sounding guitar with a lot of life in it. Very dynamic and warm without being too rich for a rosewood guitar. A stellar piece that was played well and that needs some more use!

Check out our current collection of Used Gear.

Jade Rowland – Planet Waves - Tri-Action Guitar Capo
The ability to adjust the tension, and move it around the neck very quickly makes this capo great for performing and won't pull your guitar out of tune.

There are tons of accessories on our website, and even more in the shop!

Mike Horan – Tom Anderson Electric Guitars - T Classic Shorty Hollow - Translucent Butterscotch
Hey, this is just like my guitar! It's true---I own only one electric, and it's an Anderson Hollow T Classic with this finish. I wasn't even planning on buying an electric that day, but it was, as they say, love at first sight.

Can't beat a personal endorsement from Store/Repair Manager Mike Horan!

Matt Harmon – Emerson Prewired Tele 3-way Kit
Hearing is believing, after a few customers had brought me these kits to install I quickly realized that these parts are the real deal. Complete control over your pickups from 1-10 on the volume and tone controls. This tele kit is the easiest of the kits to install if you're a do it your selfer. Click to buy, install it and you will not regret it. Or have us install it for you! Chances are you'll be putting them in all of your guitars.

Finding cost-effective upgrades to your gear is one of the things our Repair Shop excels at!

Trey DurkinGibson Acoustic Guitars - 1959 SJN "Country Western" Jumbo Used
Super cool country or bluegrass guitar with a bold tone for strumming or flatpicking. This would be a good choice in the studio or at a bluegrass jam. Awesome patina, and I love the pickguard.

One of many great vintage guitars in the shop right now!

Susan Willits - Weber Mandolins - 2010 Gallatin A-Style Used
This Weber Gallatin is a very nice mandolin. It has a rich, full sound with plenty of punch. This entry level Weber is built with the same quality as their higher end mandolins. It's in great shape with no fret wear and looks as though it's never been played! A practically new mandolin for a used price!

 Check out all the Mandolins we currently have in-stock 

Matt KappenmanCollings Electric Guitars - I-35 LC - Faded Cherry
After getting back from the NAMM show I've had Collings electrics on the brain. This Faded Cherry has all the vintage-inspired touches I love paired with a Medium-Fat C-shaped neck profile that feels great from first position all the way up the neck.

Check out our collection of Boutique Electric Guitars! 
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Staff Gear Picks

December 2016 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeGibson Banjos - 2001 Earl Scruggs Standard Mastertone Resonator Banjo Used
With Gibson no longer making new banjos, it is especially cool to get a Scruggs model in the door. This banjo is everything a bluegrass banjo player needs, except for a few fingerpicks.

Gibson Banjos - 2001 Earl Scruggs Standard Mastertone Resonator Banjo Used

Check out our current collection of banjos!

Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars - D2H MR A Traditional T Series
A really fine example of the Rosewood Traditional models from Collings.

Our Collings inventory is always changing - head on over to view the latest Collings Traditional Collection! 

Eric PutnamGreer Amps - Black Fuzz
I am really enjoying pedals with a single knob lately. The lack of options on this pedal is what makes it work so well. There are a lot of sounds in this pedal depending on where you have the volume set, and I've it to be very responsive with the volume control. It worked well with a clean amp, but it was almost an overdrive with the amp set clean. When combined with an amp that is already breaking up it sounds huge! The tone was bright enough to sound good with humbuckers, but not so bright that it doesn't work with single coils. Great fuzz for people who find other fuzzes uncontrollable.

We've been stocking up on Greer Amps pedals - check out our current collection!

Matt Pelsma – Fender Electric Guitars - 2017 American Professional Stratocaster - Sonic Grey
I grew up playing a Strat with a Maple neck, and this guitar reminds me why I loved it. The feel, the look, and the sound is really very addictive. Also, the minty, aged coffee dipped knobs and pickup covers were exactly what I wanted, but it wasn't around 15 years ago, unless you were lucky enough to find a vintage piece.

These new for 2017 Fender American Professionals are a hit here in the shop!

Jade Rowland – Eastman Acoustic Guitars - E20P-SB
It's a little guitar that sounds much bigger than its size. It has a well rounded low end, and a vibrant and dynamic response.

We've stocked up on Eastman for the season - stop by the store to check out our current inventory!

Mike Horan – Collings Acoustic Guitars - OM1 Traditional T Series - Baked
This OM-1 T is a pure joy to play. I was blown away by the sustain and depth of tone on the treble strings. One of the best-balanced guitars I've played, period.

We recently recorded a demo with this OM1 - give it a listen!

Matt Harmon – Gibson Acoustic Guitars - 1936 L50 Archtop
Vintage guitars are where its at. This one isn't the most expensive or the most collectable but it sits in just the right price range if you enjoy the craftsmanship and sound of older guitars.

Keep up with all of our vintage gear over on the Vintage Collection.

Trey DurkinWeber Mandolins - 2010 Vintage F Mandolin Oval Hole Used
Great full rich tone, with plenty of bottom end. Beautifully constructed, with great grain in the maple, and a lovely red sunburst. Whether you are playing chords, or melody, this has a nice balanced tone.

We have a great bunch of Used Mandolins in the store right now.

Susan Willits - Gibson Mandolins - 1923 A-Jr. Used
This 1923 Gibson A-Jr. mandolin is a nice little instrument at a great price! No frills, but it sounds lovely. It's in really good condition and comes with a hard shell case.

 Check out all the Mandolins we currently have in-stock 

Matt KappenmanFender Basses - 2017 American Professional Precision Bass - Sunburst
I typically lean more towards a Jazz Bass, but this new American Pro has a super comfy neck that I really enjoy playing. Feels great when playing finger-style or with a pick.

Check out our collection of Bass Guitars! 
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Staff Gear Picks

November 2016 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeDon Grosh Electric Guitars - NOS Retro - Vintage Maple Burst
Vintage look and feel on a brand new guitar, love these NOS Retros from Grosh.

 Don Grosh Electric Guitars - NOS Retro - Vintage Maple Burst

Check out our collection of boutique electric guitars!

Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars - OM2H Traditional T Series Baked
Great example of the Traditional look and sound, complete with a Torrefied spruce top.

Our Collings inventory is always changing - head on over to view the latest Collings Traditional Collection! 

Eric PutnamWaterloo by Collings - WL-S L T-Bar Sunburst
All of the Waterloo guitars that I've seen have been great, but I particularly enjoyed the WL-S. For a small guitar it is incredibly resonant, and although it sounds great fingerpicked it still holds up with a pick. Really fun and surprisingly versatile guitar!


Here are the latest Waterloo models to hit the website!

Matt Pelsma – Collings Mandolins - 2007 MF Used
This mandolin feels remarkable and has a brilliant and even tone. No wonder as it's a Collings! Very light wear will make you want to cherish this MF like the previous owner. Lots of playing left to be had in this instrument!

This used MF is a store favorite right now - Susan picked it this month as well!

Jade Rowland – Fender Amps - Pro Junior III
This month's pick comes from personal experience as I own this one. It's a small, light, 15-watt tube amp that's powerful enough to keep up with a band. It's easy for me to carry around, and it handles my pedals beautifully. It breaks up nicely too.

New, used and vintage amps aplenty - check out all of our Fender Amps!

Mike Horan – Leo Posch Acoustic Guitars - D-M
I've played a lot of Leo's dreadnoughts since he first started making them, and this just may be the best one yet. A powerhouse of a guitar, it manages to remain well-balanced in spite of its incredible output. It receives my Bluegrass Seal of Approval!


We're all big fans of local luthier Leo Posch's acoustic guitars!

Matt Harmon – Gretsch Electric Guitars - G5422T Electromatic - Orange Stain
Every time I walk by this guitar the great looking orange finish catches my eye. If you've been looking for a Gretsch style guitar but don't want to spend over $2000 the Electromatic series is the way to go.

So many great, affordable electric options from our friends at Gretsch

Trey DurkinGretsch Banjos - G9455 Dixie Special Open-Back w/ Scoop
Great Clawhammer tone, with plenty of room to dig in with the frailing scoop. The deeper rim adds resonance and volume, which will help you be heard in a jam. Great for beginners and pros alike.

One of many great open-back banjos including Bart Reiter, Ramsey and OME!

Susan Willits - Collings Mandolins - 2007 MF Used
This used 2007 Collings MF is amazing! It has a wonderfully punchy, warm sound with a growly low end that I absolutely love. Clear note distinction. There's no muddy sound here. I can't say enough about the tone of this mando! To top it off it's extremely clean and comes with a hard case. If you're looking for a top quality mandolin with killer tone this is it!


 Check out all the Mandolins we currently have in-stock 

Matt KappenmanTaylor Acoustic Guitars - 814ce DLX
This Grand Auditorium sized guitar from Taylor is super comfy to play, and the newly designed armrest adds to the playability of this limited edition deluxe model.


Check out our collection of 800 Series Taylor Guitars! 
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Staff Gear Picks

Black Friday - Mystery Sale

Give us a call, drop us a line or stop by the store to take advantage of our Black Friday Mystery Sale! Special Pricing will be available on some of our best-selling brands, including gear throughout our handpicked product line. The Mass Street Mystery Sale will run from Friday, Nov. 25 through ...

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Customer Appreciation Party - Thursday, Dec 1st

We're having a party - and you're invited! Thursday, Dec 1st we'll be staying open late to celebrate another year of Mass Street Music with food, drinks, LIVE MUSIC and door prizes. Come down to the store from 7pm-9pm to celebrate with the Mass Street Staff and fellow customers. Might even have...

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Events Specials

Holiday Sale - 10% Back Gift Card

It's backkkkk! It's time for the return of our Holiday Sale here at the store, and like last year we're letting in-store and online customers in on the fun. Every purchase of new gear in store or at totaling over $100 will earn you a Gift Card worth 10% of your purchase total. These Gift Cards are good from January 1st through August 31st of next year (2017) and are a great way to maximize your purchasing power! Now's the best time of the year to pick up that guitar you've been lusting over, or even to stock up on strings! Feel free to contact us for more details! 

What are you waiting for? Head on over to the home page and get started!
*Excludes all new consignment items.

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Staff Spotlight: Mike & All That Gypsy Jazz

We're constantly talking about music and gear here at the store. Not only is it our profession, it's also our passion. Whether it's a discussion about hide-glue and tongue braces, neck profiles and nut widths, solid-state vs tubes, pickups and wiring, solid vs laminate, analog vs digital...if it has to do with making music it's on-topic here at the store. While the debates can get a little heated, one thing we can all agree on is an excitement for making music. It's in that spirit that we're launching a new series entitled Staff Spotlight. These videos, blog posts, photos and more will be an inside look at what new gear we're excited about, what vintage instruments inspire us, what we're listening to and most importantly what we're playing.

To kick things off we've enlisted General & Repair Manager Mike H. and his intense focus on all things Gypsy Jazz. If you've been watching our demos over the years you've seen this fervor creep into Mike's playing. (Most notably in our demo of the Collings AT-16 from earlier this year) Whether it's gigging around the region in two different Gypsy Jazz groups or blasting Django charts on the Repair Shop stereo it's safe to say this is Mike's passion. Enjoy what we hope will be the first of many Staff Spotlights.

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Features Staff Spotlight

Repair Spotlight: Andy McKee - Greenfield Harp Guitar Repair

Repair Spotlight: Andy McKee and Mike Horan

Life on the road can be rough for the touring musician, but even more so for their instruments! Friend of the store Andy McKee has been jet-setting around the world, playing his unique combination of top-tapping, fingerstyle and percussive acoustic guitar, and his gear has logged some serious miles with him. Unfortunately, the headstock on the bass side of his Greenfield HG Harp Guitar broke off while traveling back to Kansas. General/Repair Manager Mike Horan came up with a clean, elegant solution for repairing this truly unique instrument and let us tag along in this installment of the Repair Spotlight.

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Repair Spotlight

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  • Kansas City Folk Festival - Sunday, 2/19
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