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May 2024 - Newsletter: Staff Picks, Vintage Martin, Fender & Gibson, Waterloo & Bourgeois Mandos, Classic Collings, Boutique Pedals and more!

April 2024Newsletter: Staff Picks, Vintage Martins and Gibsons, Boutique Guitars, Mandos and more!

March 2024 - Newsletter: Staff Picks, Vintage Martins and Gibsons, Brazilian Collings, New Fuzz and more!

February 2024Newsletter: Staff Picks, Vintage Gibson & Fender, Collings Archtop, Ellis Mando, Fairbanks Demos, New Dr. Z and more

January 2024 - Newsletter: Staff Picks, NAMM Day One, Collings Demo, Vintage Martin, King Tone Pedal and more!

December 2023Newsletter: Staff Picks, Holiday Gift Guide, Iris & Collings Demos, 30th Anniv Grosh and more!

October 2023Newsletter: 40th Anniversary Thank You, Staff Picks, Collings, Vintage Epiphone and Gibson, Boutique Anderson, Boutique pedals and more!

September 2023 - Newsletter: 40th Anniversary Event, Collings 470, Staff Picks, Boutique Acoustics and Electrics, 30th Anniversary Grosh and more!

August 2023 - Newsletter: Staff Picks, Pedal Preorder, Fretboard Summit, Custom Archtop & more!

July 2023 - Shop exclusive pedal release, Staff Picks, Demos and more!

June 2023 - Mystery Sale, Staff Picks, Benson Amp, Acoustic Guitar Demos, Gibson R9, New Pedal Releases and more!

May 2023Staff Picks, Norman Blake D-18, Vintage Fender Thinline, Vintage Herringbone, Collings Demo, 35th Anniv Dr. Z, Elliott Capos and more!

April 2023 - Staff Picks, AmpRX Voltage Attenuator, Boutique Amps, Martin, Suhr, Westerlund, Universal Audio deals and more!

March 2023 - Staff Picks, New & Exclusive Pedals, Anderson, Iris, Collings, Martin, Taylor and more!

February 2023 - Staff Picks, Locally Made Amps and Pedals, Collings, Martin, Eastman, Taylor and more!

January 2023 - Vintage L-5 Demo, Suhr Guitars, Fender & Gibson Custom Shop Guitars, Iris, Collings & Bourgeois Acoustics, Staff Picks and more!

December 2022Staff Picks, Humidification Tips, Vintage Martin Demo, Holiday Deals, Taylor Discounts and more

November 2022 - Holiday Sale, Taylor Discounts, Staff Picks, KC Amps and More

October 2022Browne Amplification Night, Staff Picks, Sale Gear, Vintage Gibson Demo

September 2022 - Guitar Sale, Browne Amps Night, Staff Picks, Collings Demo and more!

August 2022 - Summer Sale, Staff Picks, Vintage Guitars and more

July 2022- Summer Sale! Staff Picks, LIvestream Archive and more.

June 2022 - Mythos In-Store Event, Boutique Electrics, Vintage Martins, Staff Picks and more!

May 2022 - Vintage Martins, Mythos In-Store Event, New Japanese JVs, Staff Picks and more!

April 2022 - Vintage Martin & Gibson, Used Collings, New Pedal Brands & more!

March 2022 - Loads of new gear, Classic Staff Picks

February 2022 - 1347 Fuzz, Leo Posch, Used Collings, New Taylor Model, Staff Picks

January 2022 - Prewar Martins, Gibson Custom Shop, Staff Picks

December 2021 -  Staff Picks, Martin, UA, Eastman and more!

November 2021 - Staff Picks, Iris Guitars, Used Collings and more!

October 2021 - Staff Picks, Martin SC-13e, New Taylors and more

September 2021 - Staff Picks, 470 JL, Brazilian Collings, New Amps, ThroBaks and more!

August 2021 - Staff Picks, Boutique Guitars & Amps and more!

July 2021 - Staff Picks, New Recording Gear, 90s Classics and more!

June 2021 - Staff Picks, Sinker Mahogany OM, Boutique Electrics and more!

May 2021 - Doors Open & New Hours, Staff Picks, Vintage 330 and more!

April 2021 - Doors Open & New Hours, Staff Picks, Vintage 330 and more!

March 2021Staff Picks, New CJ-45, Gibson Reissue, Mythos and More

February 2021 - Staff Pics - MSM exclusive pedals - Repair Spotlight

January 2021 - New Collings Releases - Taylor Restocks - Pedals - Staff Picks

December 2020 - New Merch - First Hollow EJ - Staff Picks - Demos

November 2020 - Holiday Bundles - Stocking Stuffer Staff Picks - New Gear

October 2020 - Vintage Gear - American Professionals - Staff Picks - Demos

September 2020Vintage Gear - Virtual Walnut Valley - Staff Picks

August 2020 - MSM News - Demos - Staff Picks - Pedals

July 2020 - Vintage Gear - Repair Spotlight - Staff Picks

June 2020 - Demos - Appointment Shopping - Staff Picks & More

May 2020 - Appointment Shopping - Staff Picks - Demos & More

April 2020 - Curbside Pickup - Staff Picks - Vintage Fenders

February 2020 - Staff Picks, Don Julin Workshop, Podcast Episode, Bluegrass Workshop, Demos and more

January 2020 - MSM Podcast, New Blog, NAMM Coverage, Staff Picks, a Mandolin Workshop, Demos and more!

December 2019 - Staff Picks, 10% Back, Financing, Gift Guide, MSM Merch and more!

November 2019 -  Black Friday Sale, Mystery Sale, Financing, Staff Picks, Events and more!

October 2019 -  Inventory Reduction Sale, Staff Picks, Demos, Events and more!

September 2019 - Staff Picks, Demos, Mythos In Store Event and more!

August 2019 - Labor Day Pedal Sale, Staff Picks, Demos, Mythos In Store and more!

June 2019PLEK Party, Gypsy Jam, Bluegrass Jam, Staff Picks, Demos and more!

May 2019 - Vintage Night Livestream Archive, Price Updates, Gypsy Jam, Uke Jam, Staff Picks, Recording Workshop, Demos and more!

April 2019 - Vintage Guitar Night, Uke Jam, Staff Picks, Recording Workshop, Livestream Archive, Demos and more!

March 2019 - April Events, Staff Picks, Demos, Livestream Archive, Free Restrings and more!

February 2019 - March Events, Staff Picks, Taylor Grand Pacific, Demos and more!

January 2019 - Staff Picks, Taylor Grand Pacific, Slide Guitar 101, the Plek Machine, Demos and more!

December 2018Staff Picks, Bluegrass Jam, Care & Feeding Workshop, Slide Guitar 101, Demos and more!

November 2018 - Staff Picks, Black Friday Sales, THE PLEK Machine, Bourgeois Guitars, Customer Party and more!

October 2018 - Staff Picks, Klon Centaur Shootout, Humidification tips, Demos and more!

September 2018 - Staff Picks, Beppe Workshop, Recording Workshop, Repair Spotlight, Demos and more!

August 2018Staff Picks, 0% Financing, Monitoring Workshop, FidPick, Banjo Workshop, Demos and more!

July 2018 - Staff Picks, an Eastman Thinline Demo, New Collings, Gypsy Jazz, Monitoring Workshop, Demos and more!

June 2018 - Staff Picks, String Sale, Tube Amp Event, Demos and more!

May 2018 - Special Financing, Staff Picks, Collings Night, Martin Demos and more!

April 2018 - Staff Picks, Repair Spotlight, American Originals, Anderson Demos and more!

March 2018 - Staff Picks, Repair Spotlight, Free Restrings, Banjo Workshop, Demos and more!

February 2018 - Staff Picks, Taylor V-Class Road show, Bluegrass Jam, Demos and more!

January 2018 - Staff Picks, Mandolin Clinic, Gypsy Jazz, Demos and more!

December 2017 - Holiday Gift Guide, Staff Picks, Demos and more!

November 2017 - Customer Party, Get 10% Back, Staff Picks, Demos and more!

October 2017 - Free Restrings, Care and Maintenance, Staff Picks, Demos and more!

September 2017 - Staff Picks, Julian Lage Signature, Pedal Workshop, Gypsy Workshop, Demos

August 2017 - Staff Picks, Free Restrings at Fidpick, Fidpick Jams, Demos and more!

July 2017 - Collings Edition Staff Picks, Bluegrass Jams, Gypsy Jams, Demos and more!

June 2017 - Staff Picks, Pink Hellephant, Fretboard Toolbox, Custom Shop Martin, Banjo workshop

May 2017 - Staff Picks, Meet the Builder, Free Restrings, Gypsy Jam, Live Tone Event, Demos

April 2017 - Staff Picks, Bluegrass Jam, Live Guitar Tone Event, Demos and more!

March 2017 - Staff Picks, Vintage Workshop, String Recycling, Demos and more!

February 2017 - Staff Picks, Fender Custom Shop, New Workshops and more!

January 2017 - Staff Picks, NAMM Recap, Repair Spotlight, Folk Fest, Gypsy Workshop and more!

December 2016 - Staff Picks, Pint Glass & Coffee Mug, Collings Traditionals, 10% Back and more!

November 2016 - Customer Appreciation Party, Staff Picks, Staff Spotlight and more!

October 2016 - Staff Picks, Taylor Sales Event, Mystery Sale, Repair Spotlight and more!

September 2016 - Staff Picks, String Sale, Next Day Setups, Events and more!

August 2016 - Staff Picks, Next Day Setups, FREE RESTRINGS, Events and more!

July 2016 - Staff Picks, Next Day Setups, String Sale, Events and more!

June 2016 - Staff Picks, String Sale, Repair Spotlight, Banjos and more!

May 2016 - String Sale, Collings Traditional Impressions, Staff Picks, Events and more!

April 2016 - Collings Traditional Models, Mass Street Staff picks, Workshops, Taylor Promo Events

March 2016 - Newsletter: Mass Street Staff picks, Workshops, Taylor Promo Events, FREE RESTRINGS and more!

February 2016 - Newsletter: Mass Street Staff picks, Special Collings Events, Vintage Guitar workshops, demos and more!

January 2016 - Newsletter: Happy 2016! Check out our latest Staff Picks, a Repair Spotlight, Guitar Care Tips and demos!

December 2015 - Newsletter: 15% Off Select Items, Holiday Sale, Staff Picks, Wolfetone Pickups and demos!

November 2015 - Newsletter:Holiday Sale - Staff Picks, News and demos!

September 2015 - Newsletter: Staff Picks, Band of Gypsys, New Shirts and Roland White!

August 2015 - Newsletter: Free Restrings, Staff Picks, Weekly Updates, and More!

July 2015 - Newsletter: Staff Picks, String Sale, Musical Petting Zoo and more!

June 2015 - Newsletter: Jim's EuroTrip, Staff Picks & Pete Huttlinger Concert!

May 2015May 2015 News, Taylor Road Show, Staff Picks & More

April 2015 - Jeff Black Songwriting Clinic, New Faces & a Farewell, April Staff Picks, more

March 2015 - Mass Street Visits Collings Guitars in Texas, Staff Picks, Moog Pedals & Synths, Ticket Contests & more

February 2015 - Repair Spotlight: Family's Vintage Washburn Guitar, Staff Picks, Don Julin, Folk Alliance

January 2015 - Folk Alliance Music Fair, Staff Picks, Ticket Giveways, Marshall Amps & Ritter Gig Bag Sale

December 2014 - Staff Picks, December News, Gifts for the Guitarist Who Has Everything 

November 2014 - Our Big Holiday Sale! Mike West & His Collings, Top 10 Guitar Accessories & More

October 2014 - Collings Shindig, Free Concert Tickets, New Gear & Staff Picks!

September 2014 - Winfield, Win an Eastman Acoustic Guitar, Free Tickets, Staff Picks & more!

August 2014 - Kansas Fiddling & Picking Championships, Cigar Box Guitars, Staff Picks & more!

July 2014 - Dave Rawlings Stops By, Staff Picks, New Pickup Test Drive Guitar & more!

June 2014 - Saturnworks Pedals, Johnny Winter, Staff Picks, Cigar Box Guitar Clinic & more!

May 2014 - Interview with Taylor's Andy Powers, Taylor Shindig, Staff Picks and more!

April 2014 - The Martin Guitars Experienc & Taylor Road Show in May, Don Julin Mandolin Clinic, Events & Staff Picks plus Lawrence Jams & Regular Gigs!

March 2014 - New Baby! Free Banjo Clinic, New Repair Spotlight: Custom Acoustic Guitar Pickguard for Soundhole Pickup, Epiphone SG Pickup Test Drive Guitar, Staff Picks, more!

February 2014 - Folk Alliance Conference! Staff Picks, Bela Fleck Ticket Giveaway, Repair Spotlight: Upgrade a Strat with Grosh Pickups, more!

December 2013 - Best Music Gear of 2013 - Our Staff Picks, Top Accessories, Repair Spotlight, more!

October/Nov 2013 - 30th Anniversary Party, Staff Picks and News!

September 2013 - Best Grab & Go Gear for Small Spaces, 30th Anniversary Celebration in Nov., Sept. Staff Gear Picks, October Workshops and more!

August 2013 - Interview with Amp Guru Cliff Smith, Staff Picks, Flynn News, David Grier Workshop and more.

July 2013
- New Gear Lines, Staff Picks, Repair Shop Spot: Guild headstock inlay restoration, Pickup Test Drive: Squier VM Mustang modded with Grosh Fat 60s & Fralin SP43 pickups, more.

June 2013
- New Acoustic Pickup Test Drive Video, June Staff Picks, ticket giveaways and Repair Shop Spot: Electric Drop Tuning Mod!

May 2013
- Pedalmania! 5 Staff Pedalboards, JHS Pedals visits the store, May Staff Gear Picks, Repair Shop Spot: Luthier's own Repair Shop photos, Store News and more!

April 2013
- Pickup Test Drive: Grosh Blown 59 Humbuckers in Eric's '81 LP Custom, Josh takes a tour of the Taylor Guitar Factory in Cali, Repair Shop Spot: Vogue Banjo repair is a family affair, Taylor Road Show News, Staff Picks and more!

March 2013
- Renovation news, Repair Shop Spot: Pickguards, Staff Gear Picks and more!

February 2013
- Leo Posch Guitars, New Videos, Metal Guitar and Mando Art, Pickup Test Drive: Fralin Twangmaster and Blues Special SP, Repair Shop Spot: Jim Repairs an NBN Guitar hit by a lamp, Staff Gear Picks and more!

January 2013
- Mass St Music Stories: Flynn's First Day, Repair Shop Spot: Gibson Tenor Guitar TLC, Play Music - a (very) partial listing of jams in the Lawrence/KC area, Staff Picks and more!