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Repair Shop

Our Repair Shop

The Repair Department at Mass Street Music is one of the most important areas of our store. Our luthiers do everything from free setups on all the new guitars and instruments that go out, to minor repairs and adjustments, to full vintage restoration and even custom work. We're committed to making sure that every guitar that leaves our store is set up to fit each individual player, and we're extremely conscientious about the historical impact of our restorations. We're an Authorized Service Center for Collings, Eastman, Fender, Martin, Taylor & other lines. 

Repair Shop Hours

  • 10am-6pm CST, Tuesday through Friday
  • 10am-5pm CST on Saturday
  • Closed Sunday & Monday. Please call for holiday hours
  • Out of town? Call us at (785) 843-3535

What We Do

Every instrument at some point needs a little TLC. Some need a lot! If your guitar isn't playing quite as well as it used to, develops a buzz, or the unthinkable like a crack, a hole, or a broken headstock happens - never fear. We've brought many near-death-experience guitars and instruments back into the game. Just stop by or give us a call. Learn more about our Repair & Restoration work.

If you fall in love with that used Strat but really wish it had different pickups, or your brand new acoustic would look even sweeter with a dalmation pickguard - we can help. We know pickups, both acoustic & electric plus we do custom saddles, bridges, pickguards and much more, so it's easy to get exactly what you want. Read more about our Modifications & Custom work.

We set up every new instrument for customers, for free, whether it was purchased here in Lawrence, Kansas or on our website. Just as you need to adjust a car's seat, mirror and seat belt, a guitar or other instrument may need several adjustments - even if it's brand new. Learn more about Our Set Ups here.

You're always welcome to give us a call at 785-843-3535, but you also might find the answer to your question is just one click away. Here you'll find info about our Repair hours, why guitar set ups are important, and if your favorite guitar that took a nose dive off the stage and broke in two might just be repairable. Read more on Commonly asked questions for the Repair Dept.

If you've been up to the shop in the past few months you've probably noticed the latest addition in our lutherie toolbox, the Plek Machine. What is a Plek you may ask? For starters, it's a tool, an extremely accurate tool. Like an MRI or CT Scan of your guitar, the Plek machine scans an instrument's frets and fingerboard, and presents that data to our trained crew of luthiers. Read more over on our Meet the Plek blog post.

Repair Staff

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