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Common Repair Questions

When are you open?
We're open Tuesday through Friday, 10-6 and Saturdays 10-5.

Can I make an appointment?
Appointments aren't necessary to evaluate your instrument for repair. We can do that anytime during regular business hours. Most customers often opt to drop their instruments off with us for repair. In the event that you cannot be without your instrument, we're happy to set up an appointment for you to bring it in and have us work on it that day. This is usually limited to minor repairs that take less than a day to complete.

The headstock broke! Can you fix it?
We've done many headstock repairs over the years. Each repair is an individual case though, so we'd like to take a look at it before saying yes or no. It often depends on the angle of the break and the condition of the parts. If it can be fixed, we can do it!

Do you do warranty repair?
Yes we do! We're a warranty service center for Taylor, Martin and Fender.

Are you experienced?
We have 92 years of combined luthiery experience between all of the luthiers at Mass Street Music.

I'm not sure what's wrong with my guitar, will you charge me to tell me?
In most cases, no. We offer free repair evaluations for instruments that don't require excessive inspection. If electronics need to be accessed to troubleshoot a problem, or if we need to examine an instrument internally for structural issues, we charge a $30 bench fee - but it's applicable towards the repair if you choose to proceed. If you'd like a written repair estimate (e.g. for insurance purposes) we charge $60.

Why does my guitar need a set up?
Just as you need to adjust a car's seat, mirror and seat belt, a guitar or other instrument may need several adjustments - even if it's brand new. A set up looks at the instrument's playability as a whole, adjusting many variables to give the desired result- a guitar that plays its best for the individual musician. Even a simple thing such as changing your string gauge can alter the guitar's playability slightly, so it often just needs a quick tweak after. Score a great old guitar at the flea market or maybe a relative passed down a family banjo to you? It's always a great idea to have it looked over to make sure it's playing as well as it possibly can. High end guitars like Collings and Don Grosh arrive at our store with a great standard setup already, but not everyone is looking for a standard setup. If you're purchasing a guitar from us, we're happy to set up your instrument exactly the way you'd like. If you're not sure, we can ask a few simple questions and get it set up well for your playing style. Read more about our instrument set ups here.

Why did my guitar crack?
If you didn't drop it and the dog didn't jump on it, a likely cause is temperature and humidity. Wood responds in different ways to extreme temperature changes. Perhaps it got too dry while the heat was on over the winter, or it stayed too long in a cold environment then was taken abruptly to a warmer area. Both can damage your guitar. Once the heat goes on in your home and the air becomes more dry, your guitar will need a little TLC so it doesn’t lose natural moisture in the wood. A soundhole humidifier for your instrument is an inexpensive and easy way to ward off big, costlier issues down the road. Also don't leave your instrument for a long amount of time in a hot or cold car. More info on humidification can be found at our Massresonator blog article here.(LINK).

Do you have parts I can buy?
Yes we do. We keep a good selection of acoustic and electric instrument parts on hand. If we don't have what you need, we can generally special order it for you.

Can I pay for my repair over the phone?
Yes you can, just give us a call at 785-843-3535.

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