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Repair & Restoration

The Mass Street Music Repair luthiers handle everything from the free set ups every new instrument receives at our store, to delicate restoration work. We excel at keeping your favorite guitar (banjo, mando, bass, uke or that crazy thing you made out of a can) alive and kicking too. Our team of luthiers are committed to quality in everything they do, from a simple strap button install to restoring headstock inlay on a vintage guitar. We're committed to making sure that every guitar that leaves our store is set up to fit each individual player, and we're extremely conscientious about the historical impact of our restorations. Some of the very best repair and restoration work done nationally is happening right here at Mass Street Music. We're an authorized repair center for Collings, Eastman, Fender, Martin, Taylor and other lines.

Every instrument at some point needs a little TLC. Some need a lot. If your guitar isn't playing quite as well as it used to, develops a buzz, or something seems amiss, we're here to help. Sometimes a simple adjustment can fix very annoying issues.

Once in a while the unthinkable occurs - your gear takes a hit and gets a crack, a hole, or a broken headstock. We've brought many near-death-experience guitars and instruments back into the game. If you're not sure if it's fixable, just stop by or give us a call.

Modifications and Custom work are two other hallmarks of our Repair department. If you need a replacement pickguard or want a new pair of pickups in your Les Paul, we can do it. We have made bone nuts, crafted new bridges and saddles, and replaced innumerable tuners. Just like the Mass Street Music store, the Repair department is dedicated to helping you get the sound you're after.

Here are just a few of things we do. For an estimate on your repair, or if you have questions, just give us a call at 785-843-3535 or email us at

Basic adjustments:
Truss rod adjustments, restringing, set up, intonation, strap button install, block trem.

Body Repair:

Crack repair, Routing/Filling for pickups, Bigsby/Floyd Rose or other install, clean pots, new pots, new switches, new jacks, Pickup Installation (acoustic and electric instruments), finish repair, regluing binding, bridges and more.

Reset, headstock regluing and repair, inlay restoration and more.

File fret ends, dress (standard, deluxe), Refret (partial, full, bound, unbound), fretless conversion, stainless install and more.

We also do banjo head tightening, head replacement, spikes and more.

Custom work is also a specialty - from creating special pickguards to crafting replacement bridges in house.