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Collings Acoustics

Collings Acoustic Guitars combine classic sonic and aesthetic instrument design with modern ingenuity, resulting in some of the finest instruments available today. Bill Collings' passion for perfection shows in every aspect from the woods to the details to the most important part, tone. Many great options are available from this Texas builder, from small parlor size guitars to the big dreads.

We frequently special order Collings to help customers get the perfect player just for them - that also means we're able to get a special custom acoustic into your hands faster. We are proud to be a Collings dealer, and are known for having the best in the country. Our current guitars in stock are below.

Check out numerous Mass Street Music Collings Guitar Video Demos here. View our Sold Gallery of Custom, Special Order & Standard Collings here. Info on Collings Acoustic Guitar Neck Profiles can be found here.