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Electro-Harmonix Effect Pedals - B9 Organ Machine
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Electro-Harmonix Effect Pedals - B9 Organ Machine

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This Electro-Harmonix B9 Organ Machine Pedal is the first organ-inspired effects pedal to nail the tones of old school Hammond organs really, really well, and it lets you beautifully blend your guitar with the organ tones for some amazingly full sonic sounds. The B9 also tracks spot on so you can just get on with playing, flawlessly. While this won't replace a great keyboard player, the tones are astonishingly good and you can do a whole lot with it. You want to sound like Booker T? Dial up the Jazz organ and turn the Click dial way up...grooving on some Green Onions. Six of the nine organ presets have a Leslie rotating speaker effect you can easily control with the Mod dial too - it's really outstanding.

Nine super classic organ presets with Volume controlling the dry signal and organ volume, Mod controlling the Modulation effects, and Click controlling the organ key Click effects. Want to get gospel-y? Roller-rink-ish? Garage heaven - how about a little 96 Tears, Animals' House of the Rising Sun? How about going grandiose with the Cathedral organ preset? It's all here and it's frankly a complete blast to use. Don't even get us started on the Octave preset plugged into a distorted amp - Jon Lord/Rainbow all the way.

We saved the best for last - rather than just brilliantly imitating a Hammond, you can also blend your guitar tones with the organ pedal to produce super lush tones that open up some really great creative avenues. This B9 received Total Guitars' Best Innovation Award in 2014 as well as Music Inc's Product Excellence Award, because,'s excellent!

  • Play full on organ tones or blend with your guitar for big, lush tones
  • 9 Presets include Fat and Full, Jazz, Gospel, Classic Rock, Bottom End, Octaves, Cathedral, Continental and Bell Organ
  • The first 6 presets have a Leslie-like rotating speaker effect you can fully tweak
  • Controls include Dry Volume, Organ Volume, Modulation, Key Click

Tips for getting the very best tones out of the Electro-Harmonix B9 Organ Machine pedal:

  • Make it the 1st pedal in your chain - adding effects in front of it can muddy the tones and can cause the tracking to lag. Avoid putting it in the effects loop of your amp.
  • Use the bridge pickup for the best performance. If you have weak pickups, or your amp has uneven, peaky freq response, a clean boost or compressor can be used before the B9 - this also may help smooth things out if your playing dynamics aren't exactly stellar.
  • For the most authentic organ sound, don't bend your notes.
  • Bassists will not get the same great range of effects as guitarists will.

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