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Empress Effects Tape Delay Pedal
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Empress Effects Tape Delay Pedal Empress Effects Tape Delay Effects

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Empress Effects - Tape Delay Pedal

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The Empress Effects Tape Delay Pedal is loaded with lush, rich, and simply gorgeous tape effects in a compact box, including three separate tape machines: New, Vintage, and Old. The New setting gives you your typical delay, Vintage adds a bit of flutter for a genuine recreation of a vintage machine, and the Old tape is super saturated, warm with compression, and reminiscent of the tones you'd get from worn out tape heads. The delay time is adjustable either via the Tap Tempo button or the Delay Time knob. When Tap Tempo is engaged, the control acts as the Ratio knob for further control over your taps. A lot of control stems from the Delay Time/Ratio knob.

The Feedback knob controls the length of time the signal takes to decay, anywhere from one repeat to infinity (and a little bit beyond). Turned up to the max and the repeat signal will increase in volume and will ultimately begin to self-oscillate. It also has a filter switch that adds either lo or hi pass filter - for either more spacious effects (hi pass), or a more subtle effect beneath the dry tone (lo pass). And, finally, the Modulation toggle switch, either Little or Lots, adds either a slower, subtle modulation, or a faster, darker modulation. A wildly versatile and compact tool, the Empress Effects Tape Delay Pedal doesn't take up a lot of space but can really add a new dimension of tonality to your rig. It's true bypass, or you can use buffered bypass with trails.

  • Killer Sound Quality - The Signal to Noise ratio is around 103 dB.
  • Tap Tempo with Ratios - Use tap tempo to set the Tape Delays speed; the ratio selection makes fast tempos and triplet based phase times easy.
  • True Bypass and Trails. - The Empress Tape Delay Pedal employs true bypass, or you can choose to use buffered bypass with trails.
  • Small Size - The enclosure measures approximately 4.5" by 3.5" by 1.5", which is delightfully small when considering all the features packed into this unit.
  • Analog Dry - The dry signal path is all analog.
  • Advanced Configuration - let you customize the tape delay to suit your needs.
  • Blips - Activate blips to get crazy sounds when you move the tape head around while playing
  • Presets - Advanced configuration allow you to run with 0, 2 or 3 presets
  • Relay Bypass - Using a relay for bypass means quieter switching and, if the pedal loses power, your signal will still pass unharmed.
  • Filter - Hi pass or low pass the delayed signal.
  • Modulation - Add a little or a lot of modulation, or none at all!

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