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Hudson Electronics - Broadcast AP-II - Front Close
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Hudson Electronics - Broadcast AP-II - Front Close Hudson Electronics - Broadcast AP-II - Vangle1 Hudson Electronics - Broadcast AP-II VAngle2

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Hudson Electronics - Broadcast AP-II

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The Hudson Electronics - Broadcast AP-II marks the second collaboration between Hudson Electronics and guitarist Ariel Posen. This new dual overdrive pedal features both Germanium and Silicon preamps that deliver the original silicon AP v1 tones along with a germanium side for a brighter more aggressive tone. Loads of customizations on tap with a Send/Return loop for introducing other pedals in between the two circuits, along with internal trim pots for dialing in the gain and low frequency content for each circuit.

From Hudson:

The Broadcast AP-II is a dual preamplifier pedal designed in conjunction with guitarist, Ariel Posen. It features two independent, differently-voiced preamplifier circuits which each add their own subtle colour. The first is fitted with a silicon transistor and transformer, bringing the smooth, darker tone of the original Broadcast-AP. The second removes the transformer and replaces the silicon with a germanium transistor, resulting in a brighter, more aggressive tone. Each circuit has a large gain range, and cascading one into the other provides further sonic options, from subtle boosts through to heavily-distorted sounds.

DRIVE – Controls the gain of the silicon preamplifier section.
LEVEL – Controls the output level of the silicon preamplifier section.

DRIVE – Controls the gain of the germanium preamplifier section.
LEVEL – Controls the output level of the germanium preamplifier section

The Broadcast AP-II features a send / return loop between the two sections, enabling other pedals to be added between the preamplifiers or for each preamplifier to be placed at a different point in the pedal chain.

SEND – Sends out the signal from the silicon section to another pedal; this can also be thought of as the output of the silicon section.
RETURN – Receives the signal back into the pedal; this can also be thought of as the input of the germanium section.

If nothing is plugged into the SEND or RETURN jacks, the signal is internally routed from the silicon section into the germanium section. Plugging into either the SEND or RETURN jack (or both simultaneously) breaks this connection.


The Broadcast AP-II also has four trim potentiometers located inside the pedal, these set the gain and low frequency content of each preamplifier circuit.

Details on how these can be adjusted can be found here.


The pedal requires a DC power supply unit (PSU) – please ensure the PSU’s output voltage is between 9VDC and 24VDC, regulated with a 2.1mm negative centre barrel plug. Any other type may damage your pedal. If you plan on sharing the same PSU with other pedals, it is recommended to use a PSU with isolated outputs.


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