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JHS Unicorn Uni-Vibe Modulator Pedal - front
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JHS Unicorn Uni-Vibe Modulator Pedal - front JHS Unicorn Uni-Vibe Modulator Pedal - angle JHS Unicorn Uni-Vibe Modulator Pedal - top

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JHS Effect Pedals - Unicorn

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JHS has done it again, this new JHS Unicorn Uni-Vibe Modulator Pedal takes the classic univibe effect heard in everything from Hendrix's "Machine Gun" and "Star Spangled Banner" to Pearl Jam's "Alive" and adds tap tempo control of the LFO rate as well as ratio, external tap control and external expression of the speed. It remains classic, all analog but with modern usability for today's player. What you get are modulation/phasing/rotary sounds that are lush, original, and far from typical route of safe and standard guitar effects.

It's easy to operate with just four knobs including Volume, Depth, Speed, and Ratio. The Volume allows you to magically adjust the amplitude of the effected signal from zero all the way to a 9db boost. This allows you to perfectly place the Unicorn wherever you want in the mix. The Depth control lets you adjust the wet/dry relationship between your clean signal and the effect. This gives you all the control you need to go from very subtle to hard effect. This control is also sprinkled with the tears of elves. The Speed control works in conjunction with the tap tempo and lets you adjust the rate at which the effect moves as well as how much fairy dust enters into the flux capacitor of the Unicorn. The Ratio control lets you choose 4 speed ratios that ultimately effect the tempo you tap in. You can choose between 1/4, 1/8, dotted 1/8 and Triplets. When perfectly dialed in you can achieve the exact pulse of a mystical Unicorn running across a field of 4 leaf clovers… only if you dare. The mini toggle is the wet/dry adjustment. When in the up position you get a preset amount of dry mixed in and this is known as the classic Univibe modulation effect. In the down position you get an all wet vibrato setting that can go from subtle warped record to extreme sea sick tones.

You've got three jacks: In, Out, and Tap/Expression. Plug your instrument into the IN, connect the next pedal our to your amp with the Out. The Tap/Exp lets you plug in a TRS expression pedal or any momentary tap control for some extra external control. Just select Tap or Expression by way of the small internal switch. The Tap Out setting lets you also connect the Unicorn to any other tap controlled pedal like the JHS Panther Cub Delay, Emperor Chorus, etc to have those pedals control the Unicorn's tempo or vice versa. The JHS Unicorn Uni-Vibe Modulator Pedal is the first ever 100% analog signal path Uni-vibe Photocell Modulator w/ Tap Tempo and it rocks!

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