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Pedal Projects Growly Overdrive/Boost Pedal - front
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Pedal Projects Growly Overdrive/Boost Pedal - front Pedal Projects Growly Overdrive/Boost Pedal - angle

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Pedal Projects - Growly Overdrive/Boost - B-Stock

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This Pedal Projects Growly Overdrive Boost Pedalgives you a really nice range of killer low gain OD tones and boost in a unique, intuitively designed and super responsive pedal. The gain is an internal trimmer, and you use the Body and Bias knobs to dial in exactly what you want which is brilliant for gigging. Body is a variable input capacitor, controlling how full your guitar tone is. If you want it a little thinner and brighter with a little drive, just back it off. For a really great, fuller sound, with more low end, low mids and more gain, just turn it up. It's also great if you need to compensate for different pickups with different characteristics.

The Bias knob lets you dial in your clipping diode pairs. Turning it to the left dials in a pair of large germanium diodes for a more open and clear saturation. Turn it to the right for a pair of small germanium and silicone diodes for a more compressed and driven tone - nice variety and really easy to use. Set it in the middle and you have the least driven and most open tone available.

Best yet, the Body and Bias knobs act together to shape the drive greatly. The boost side is the "Owly" booster, unaltered, and can be used on it's own or together with the overdrive side. Use the switch in the middle to set whether you're boosting the signal into the drive, or boost the volume of the driven tone. The order switch (in the middle) points in the direction of the signal flow. Pointing to the left means that the booster is going into the overdrive. Pointing to the right meanest that the overdrive is going into the booster. Beautifully designed and just so intuitive, this Pedal Projects Growly Overdrive/Boost Pedal is one that won't leave your board.

  • Two independent MOSFET circuits
  • True bypass
  • Neutrik Jacks
  • High quality 22AWG stranded wiring
  • 9V DC negative center
  • No battery support
  • Switch between Booster and OD or Booster

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