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Rainger FX - Echo X with Igor controller
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Rainger FX - Echo X with Igor controller Rainger FX - Echo X with Igor controller Rainger FX - Echo X with Igor controller

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Rainger FX - Echo X with Igor controller

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The Echo X from Rainger FX is a gated, digital delay pedal with repeats controlled by the guitar's signal. The included Igor controls allows for customizable delay moments, activating it for a particular riff that continues to echo while you're playing. Hold the note on your guitar and the echo keeps repeating, stop and the echo stops, allowing for interesting staccato riffs.

From Rainger FX: 

Rainger FX have produced the world’s first gated delay pedal, the Echo-X. A development based on the original Echo-X pedal from 10 years ago, it’s a digital delay, and the repeats can be controlled by the envelope of the guitar signal itself; stop playing and the repeats stop too. This gives the effect of the echo being far more ‘part of the sound’, at times feeling like a tightly-edited guitar sample.

It makes runaway feedback oscillations far more manageable too – each separate phrase can have wild howling feedback, with silence in between, then new feedback on the next phrase. Add to this some real-time control using the Rainger FX Igor controller, and pitch-bent echo swirls take over….

Despite having four switches, five knobs, three LEDs and a foot controller – unbelievably - it’s still a mini-pedal. Each Echo-X is supplied with an Igor – a dual-sensitivity pressure pad. Lightweight, no moving parts – and giving an easy solution to expression on-the-fly.

Also on tap is the incredibly useful ‘send’ function; in this mode there’s no delay until you lean on the Igor pad, and whatever you’re playing at that moment is sent off to the delay circuit – to possibly echo away forever while you carry on playing dry. It’s highly expressive - in a satisfyingly ‘dub’ way!

Add to this a runaway feedback mode. When the Igor is set to ‘fbk’, with a simple lean on the pad an innocent slap-back delay gets transformed into a stuttering monster of oscillation!

  • Several modes of cutting-edge delay control
  • 550ms maximum delay time
  • Repeats filtered for maximum ‘musicality’
  • New layers of building feedback on power chords!
  • A Rainger FX Igor controller for real-time expression
  • Echo swoops, stutters and crescendos that stop on a dime
  • A Rainger FX custom mini-pedal enclosure – with no sockets on the side

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