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Wren and Cuff Effect Pedals - Pickle Pie Hella Bass Fuzz
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Wren and Cuff Effect Pedals - Pickle Pie Hella Bass Fuzz Wren and Cuff Effect Pedals - Pickle Pie Hella Bass Fuzz

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Wren and Cuff Effect Pedals - Pickle Pie Hella Bass Fuzz

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The Wren and Cuff Pickle Pie Hella Fuzz Bass Pedal is specifically designed for distortion-loving bass players who need a pedal that can handle the low-end without wreaking havoc on their tone. It was created after so many bass players took to the original guitar-based Pickle Pie and now it's tweaked to perfection for bass players.

It features a Saturation control that allows everything from clean-blended bass to slightly gritty overdrive, to feedback-inducing, face-melting saturation - all while keeping the lows pronounced. It also has Volume and Shape knobs, as well as a Wet/Blend knob on its side for even more tonal options - we love the blend in particular, as it really lets you get creative and hone your tone to what you want.

Wren and Cuff really built this from the ground up for bass players and some of the changes over the guitar-based Pickle Pie are remarkable:

  • A FET buffered active clean boost - no dropping out when you kick it on live, plus gives you the feel of running two amps - one wet, one dry. Very cool.
  • An updated FET-hybrid clip section - allows it to mesh with the clean signal in a natural way, instead of sitting on top of the dry signal like some fuzzes with clean blends can do.
  • Altered tone stack range specifically for bass - You have an increased range of tonal options with the Shape knob, plus a less pronounced mid-scoop for real presence when playing live.
  • Altered Saturation (Fuzz) knob - Makes the Pickle Pie totally usable at lower gain settings. You can roll the fuzz back, and you still sound super crisp, also you get tighter lows at high fuzz settings. The range here is outstanding with true tone throughout.
  • Upgraded parts - Including cap and resistors more suitable for bass, plus genuine Davies Daka-ware knobs - because Wren and Cuff is cool like that. Also Alpha pots, plus it's true bypass and built like a tank.

For any bassist looking to add some great distortion, with real variety, without sacrificing their sound, the Wren and Cuff Pickle Pie Hella Fuzz Bass Pedal is an essential.

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