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Mass Street Music Difference

Our Store

We're an independent 'brick and mortar' music store in Lawrence, Kansas and this year we're celebrating our 30th year in business. We have a unique collection of gear in our store and we're dedicated to quality, value and delivering great service. We take as much time selecting a lower priced, introductory ¾ acoustic guitar for young, first-time players as we do our incredible Collings, Taylor and Martin instruments – and each receives the same care and attention from its first set up (free, if it's new) to its latest mod. You can purchase at Mass Street Music knowing it's the very best quality at that price. You'll also discover some local and regional items you just can't find anywhere else! Learn more about Mass Street Music .

Customs, Mods & Repair

We want you to have the exact tone you're after and the right instrument. Whether it's a Custom order from builders like Anderson, Collings, Grosh, or Seuf - or you want to do a Modification  to your existing guitar with new pickups, upgrade your pots, get get a custom pickguard made, or something entirely different - we're here to help. We're all musicians and our four staff Repair luthiers are as adept at repairing a treasured family heirloom as they are at concocting magnificent pickup combinations like those found in our Pickup Test Drive Guitars.